About project

Period: May – 2016

Client: Hotbodz Productions

Subject: Create Music Video

Hotbodz Productions creates music tracks for artists, movie producers, and businesses.

Our Task Was

To create a high impact video for Hotbodz Productions new music track Get It.

Design basic theme, create effects, edit footage and synchronize music track to visuals.


Discuss project in detail with client, acquire content, logos, music track, compile footage and content.

  • Discuss concept and storyline with client.
  • Acquire content including footage, logos, music.
  • Align music track into editing software.
  • Build basic theme and storyline.
  • Add company branding / logos.
  • Add special effects created in professional software suite.
  • Present first draft to client for review.


Presented first draft to client. Made some minor changes to placement of footage and effects according to client feedback.

  • Two week completion time
  • Used latest professional suite to create video
  • Presented drafts.
  • Approved by client.


Created high quality music video for client in just under two weeks.

Fun project to work on, and client looking to work on more ventures in the future.