About project

Period: June – July 2019

Client: The Aesthetic Kingdom

Subject: Create Dynamic Video

Our client wanting a extremely dynamic video that depicted imagery popping out of an old mythical looking book, going through a series of historic scenes throughout history.

Our Task Was

To bring our clients vision to life using the latest editing software, combined with our creative talent.

We utilized and array of still images, animations, epic music track and suspenseful narrative for the voice over.


Obtain basic overview from client so we could clearly make bring the vision to life. Source still images from client, source and create video and still content. Source music track and create voice over.

  • Discuss project in detail.
  • Create a rough draft of the concept and storyline of the various scenes.
  • Produce narrative and bring to life with voice over.
  • Utilize our software suite to extract still images.
  • Build into the 3D Old Flip Book animation to create a life like visual.
  • Overlay all visual effects, music, sound effects and voice over.
  • Present first draft version to client for approval.


Delivered first draft to client for approval, met the clients needs and vision. Client extremely happy with final product.

  • Brought clients vision to life.
  • Delivered project in good time.
  • Client satisfied with final product.


Client very happy with the audio / visual work we provided.

Was a fun project to work on, as it showcased the extremes of our creative ability.